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The logistics industry is undergoing a far-reaching transformation. Omnichannel, social media, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, drones, and blockchain - all these trends are changing the rules of the game. This pushes us as business leaders to constantly question the way we think and act, both on a corporate and personal level. I am no exception.The holidays are imminent – the right time to pause, look back and self-reflect. What challenges, learnings, and successes have I experienced in the past year? And what goals do I set for the year ahead? I want to use my last publication of the year to share my personal reflection with you.
|Written by Sabine Mueller

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Becoming Digital

In our connected and networked society, there is simply no way around becoming digital as an organization and an individual. Business leaders play an instrumental role in driving the change management process required to get there. At DHL Consulting, we kicked-off our digital transformation journey in 2016. The first step was to create digital awareness and a shared understanding of the need for change. To adapt, we needed to gradually shift our company’s mindset and evaluate our competences to remain competitive in the future. Our digital journey to-date proved successful and already translates into visible progress: I am very proud to see that around 40% of our projects at DHL Consulting are centered today on driving digital excellence within the Deutsche Post DHL Group and its customers.

On a personal note, I started my own digital journey one year ago. Through my social media activities and blog, I have been able to raise my voice in the digital space, exchange with my online community, and reach out to other female leaders more effectively. This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and engagement of my network. So many thanks to my followers for inspiring me throughout the year!

Being Grateful

I, too, need to remind myself not to take everything for granted. Gratefulness should be cultivated year-round, however, when I look back on 2017 there is a lot to be thankful for. I feel fortunate to work with such a diverse, creative, passionate, forward-thinking, and dedicated team every day. I am also blessed to have such an outstanding management team I can trust and who trusts me back. We all think positive when faced with uncertainties and change, and we truly love what we do. We confidently and constantly push our own and our company’s boundaries to get better. Thank you to all my colleagues at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Moreover, I am thankful for the many remarkable young women who shared their stories and ambitions with me throughout the year, let it be on social media channels, networking dinners or at career events. This year, we were once again able to win outstanding female talents for our organization.

Getting to the Essence

On my blog, I regularly feature content on technological trends shaping our industry. Having at least a basic understanding of key technologies is a prerequisite to grasp the big picture and make sound business decisions. The importance of soft skills should, however, not be overlooked. In fact, I believe they often outweigh functional competencies. The skills to communicate and interact effectively with people across all hierarchical levels are essential in a professional and private context. A related critical factor for effective leadership is empathy – in brief, the ability to understand each individual and their perspectives. Lastly, growing a meaningful digital reputation has become a decisive leadership skill in the digital age.

My 2018 Agenda

For the coming year, one of my main priorities remains discovering, engaging with, and supporting female professionals. I hope to be able to continue inspiring women to take charge of their career, grow their networking and leadership skills, and crack the glass ceiling.

I am equally passionate about digitalization. 2018 will be synonym of digital maturity and excellence for DHL Consulting and for myself as a leader. I plan to push the transformational journey even further by challenging the status quo, innovating, embracing new relevant technologies, and taking calculated risks. Within the group, I intend to champion change towards an increasingly digital mindset, an agile working environment, and a diversity-conducive culture.
Digitalization certainly has more in store for us for 2018 – how well we deal with it all depends on our attitude. I will continue enjoying what I do and keep smiling.

A big, big thank you to my community for the inspiring and exciting interactions in the past year. I will continue to publish content on supply chain trends and women in leadership and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my blog, LinkedIn or Twitter. Happy holidays & a successful 2018!

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